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Many women, and some men, are unhappy with the appearance of certain areas of their bodies, such as their legs and arms. Some patients struggle with droopy skin or stubborn areas of fat due to a great amount of weight loss. In other cases, it is just due to the normal aging process. Dr. John K. Long performs arm contouring, liposuction, and buttock lift for patients from Houston and throughout Texas. These body contouring procedures can provide remarkable results that create a more youthful, slender appearance.


Some patients have stubborn areas of fat that they are unable to get rid of on their own. Liposuction offers an option for selective body contouring to bring balance to asymmetrical areas and achieve an appearance that is not always possible through diet and exercise alone. Through liposuction, fat can be surgically removed from specific areas of the body. Though most frequently used to enhance the abdomen, sometimes as part of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure, liposuction can also be use to treat unwanted fat in the upper arms, thighs, buttock, back, and hips.

Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is performed at Dr. Long’s Houston practice under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The size and location of the area to be treated determines the time of anesthesia. Tiny incisions are made in the targeted area to introduce the cannulas - small tubes used to selectively remove fat. The incisions may or may not be closed with stitches, depending on their location.

Recovery from Liposuction

After surgery, most patients will be fitted with a compression garment, which is worn for at least two weeks following liposuction. Side effects may include temporary swelling, bruising, numbness, and burning sensations which tend to subside within a few days or weeks. An improved appearance of the treated area should be noticeable soon after liposuction, though it may take up to a year before all swelling is resolved and the final results are achieved. The patient’s normal routine can typically be resumed within a few days following surgery.

If you would like to learn more about liposuction, contact Dr. Long’s Houston office to schedule a consultation.

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Buttock Lift

A drooping buttock is often the result of a great amount of weight loss. Over the years, many procedures have been developed for improvement of the buttock area, but the most commonly-used procedure today is the buttock lift. It is a good option for patients who simply want to restore firmness and tone, or as a post weight loss cosmetic surgery treatment.

Buttock Lift Procedure

A buttock lift is an outpatient surgery performed in a hospital setting under general anesthesia. The time of anesthesia is two to three hours. Incisions are closed with absorbable sutures, and small tubes that help to drain excess fluid from the area will be left in place for several weeks following the operation.

Dr. Long offers two types of buttock lift surgery at his Texas practice. One method uses incisions made posteriorly with a long incision along the belt line; the second technique involves two incisions folded into the bottom crease of the buttocks. The decision as to which operation is best is determined by the anatomy of the individual patient. Except for the differences in the incision locations, both operations are performed in a similar fashion.

Recovery from Buttock Lift Surgery

Following a buttock lift, patients must wear compressive garments for at least two weeks, though they are able to shower soon after the operation. Patients can expect to return to work activities in two to three weeks, perhaps with the drains still in place. The side effects of buttock lift surgery may include swelling, bruising, numbness, and perhaps burning sensations. These side effects should subside within a week; however, numbness of some areas could be longer lasting or even permanent.

Potential complications after a buttock lift are fluid collections under the skin, loss of sensation in the treated area, infection, and poor scarring. It is important to note that such complications are extremely rare, especially when the procedure is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. If they do occur, Dr. Long will provide aggressive, immediate treatment in order to prevent serious problems.

During a buttock lift consultation at his Houston, Texas practice, Dr. Long will discuss this body contouring procedure in greater detail and address any concerns the patient may have.

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Upper Arm Contouring

At Dr. Long’s Houston practice, many individuals request body contouring procedures to improve the appearance of their arms. Specifically, they feel the areas on their upper arms are too big with too much fat. This can be a problem for individuals who have not lost weight, as well as for those who have lost a great deal of weight but still have arms that they feel are too large. The upper arm can be contoured through liposuction to remove fat, or through a procedure called brachioplasty to remove excess skin.

Upper Arm Liposuction

Liposuction of the upper arm has proven to be the most successful and safest procedure for the reduction of fat in that area. Since liposuction has an element of skin contraction, it may also be used to reduce the amount of skin that hangs down from the upper arm when the arms are extended out. The amount of skin contraction depends on your age and the laxity of skin, so liposuction can only be used if just a very small reduction of skin is needed.

Upper Arm Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction of the upper arm is similar to liposuction of other areas of the body. It is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis, and the time of the anesthesia is generally one hour.

Recovery from Upper Arm Liposuction

Recovery after liposuction of the upper arm is also very similar to liposuction of other areas of the body. Almost all patients are fitted with a compression garment that is worn for at least two weeks after the procedure. A noticeable change in the appearance of the arms should be expected soon after. Most patients can return to work within a few days of the surgery.

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Upper Arm Skin Removal (Brachioplasty)

Many individuals who have lost a considerable amount of weight have too much skin on their upper arms, and the skin does not have enough elasticity to contract as the arms get smaller. Some patients can achieve the appearance they desire on their arms through liposuction. However, at his Houston practice, Dr. Long performs brachioplasty to remove excess skin for a better outcome than is possible through liposuction alone.

Brachioplasty Procedure

There are two methods of brachioplasty: abbreviated and classical. If just a very small amount of improvement is needed at the juncture of the arm and the body, an abbreviated brachioplasty with an elliptical excision can be performed to remove the excess skin. If a larger amount of skin must be removed along the entire length of the bottom of the arm, a classical brachioplasty is usually necessary to achieve the desired appearance.

Both brachioplasty methods are performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The time of anesthesia is generally one and a half hours for abbreviated brachioplasty, and two hours for classical brachioplasty. A compression dressing or garment is generally worn for two weeks or longer following the procedure.

Recovery from Brachioplasty

The sutures used for both the abbreviated and classical brachioplasty procedures are absorbable and do not need to be removed. The side effects of brachioplasty are similar to other body contouring procedures and may include temporary swelling, bruising, numbness, and/or burning sensations that should subside within a few days or weeks. A noticeable improvement in the contour of the upper arm is apparent soon after the procedure; however, it may take between six months and a year for all swelling to resolve and for the final results to be apparent. Patients should be able to return to work within a few days to a week following brachioplasty.

Scars from an abbreviated brachioplasty will be in the crease of the arm against the body; classical brachioplasty scars will be on the inside of the arm against the body. While scars are inevitable, they tend to fade over time.

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Contact Dr. Long in Houston for a Body Contouring Consultation

If you would like to learn more about buttock lift, liposuction, or upper arm contouring, contact Dr. Long’s Houston, Texas practice to schedule a body contouring consultation. Dr. Long has more than two decades of experience in plastic surgery and will answer any questions you might have about body contouring surgery.

To learn more about buttock lift and liposuction at Dr. Long’s Houston, Texas practice, contact us to schedule a body contouring consultation.

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My name is D.D., and in 2007, Dr. Long performed the following procedures on me: breast lift, liposuction, and lower lid surgery (removal of fatty deposits). I was nervous, but he eased me considerably while I was waiting to go to the operating room…

…as far as my breasts go I feel like a teenager again; it’s wonderful. I’m 43, have had three kids, and was in desperate need of a lift due to back problems and other issues. But now my back no longer aches and I stand up so much straighter and feel so good! The liposuction was wonderful, too…I feel so good about myself and I can’t thank Dr. Long and his staff for what they have done for me and continue to do for me. If you are considering having any of these things done feel confident in knowing that you are in the best hands in Houston, I personally think in the United States. I have had absolutely no problems whatsoever with anything that has been done to me. I ‘m just so amazed at how beautiful it all turned out, and, again I want to thank Dr. Long and his staff for the wonderful things they have done for me.

- D.D.